From RCGC to Gulmohar Greens

The Golf Ball

Putting (Golf) got off to a flying start at the historic Royal Calcutta Golf Club in 2005 and it has become an important part of the annual convention. Thanks to Brandon de Souza of Tiger Sports, the putting competition on the practice green of the RCGC saw close to 125 sports journalists trying to work wonders with the putter to roll the ball into the hole from short distances; the visiting delegates from across the country and local sports journalists thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

The federation held the putting competition at the Trivandrum Golf Club in 2006 and scheduled it at Chembur’s Bombay Presidency Golf Club when the national convention was held in Navi Mumbai in 2008, but torrential dashed hopes of the much looked forward to event taking place.

Much to the delight of the sports journalists’ fraternity the putting competition resumed at the picturesque Oxford Golf & Country Club along the Mumbai-Bangalore Highway when the 35th national convention was held in Pune for the first time; thanks to Anirudha Seolaker, promoter of the resort club and Sundar Iyer, the delegates, residing at the PYC Gymkhana travelled all the way to the OGCC to soak in the lush green environment and enjoy the hospitality.

The Sports Journalists’ Association of Gujarat (SJAG) has gone out of the way to persuade the promoters of the wonderful Gulmohar Greens Golf & Country Club with a 9-hole facility to host the delegates during the 40th national convention in Ahmedabad.

Promoter Alpesh Parikh wholeheartedly agreed to host the putting competition at the GGCC when SJFI and SJAG delegates visited him at the resort recently. The delegates would reach the resort after a 45 minute drive from The Metropole Hotel. The competition will be held in a unique way as suggested by Mr Parikh; over to the Gulmohar Greens Golf & Country Club.

Calcutta’s Dipankar Guja lining up for a 3-meter putt