Women's golf WPGT

Sneha, Avani lead amateur challenge against Jahanvi and rest in 9th leg of Hero WPGT

NOIDA: : Amateur Sneha Singh and Jahanvi Bakshi, the last two winners on the Hero Women’s Pro Golf Tour, are back to battle for the honours in the ninth leg of the Tour at the Noida Golf Course.

Last week, in the eighth leg, Sneha Singh emerged winner as amateurs held sway though Jahanvi Bakshi was among those tied for fourth. Jahanvi had won the seventh leg.

The Tour resumed a fortnight ago and in the last two starts, the amateurs have shown that they are working towards joining the pro ranks as they matched them shot for shot. When Jahanvi won the seventh leg, amateur Avani Prashanth was second and last week Avani was fourth again.

Another amateur who has caught the eye is Vidhatri Urs who was Tied-seventh last week.

Siddhi Kapoor was the top pro in the eighth leg even though she was third overall last week. This week she will attempt to take the win all by herself.

The Women’s Golf Association of India has been consistent in having six amateurs each week in order to give them more matchplay and also groom them for the future as they get into the professional circuit.

Jahanvi Bakshi will tee off in the opening three ball alongside amateur Smriti Bhargava and seasoned Neha Tripathi, while Sneha Singh plays with Oviya Reddi and Ishvari Prasanna.

Jahanvi’s sister Hitaashee Bakshi is in the three ball with Saaniya Sharma and Khushi Khanijau.

Tee times of first round: 8:30 am: Smriti Bhargav (A); Neha Tripathi; Jahanvi Bakshi; 8:40: Sneha Singh (A); Oviya Reddi; Ishvari Prasanna; 8:50: Saaniya Sharma; Khushi Khanijau; Hitaashee Bakshi; 9:00: Vidhatri Urs (A); Jyotsana Singh; Geetika Ahuja; 9:15: Mehar Atwal; Rhea Jha; Gauri Karhade; 9:25: Disha Kavery; Khushi; Trimann Saluja; 9:35: Anousha Tripathi; Rhea P. Saravanan; Suchitra Ramesh; 9:45: Ananya Datar; Shagun Narain; Rishika Muralidhar (A); 10: Anisha Agarwalla; Afshan Fatima; Nishna Patel (A); 10:10: Lakhmehar Pardesi; Avani Prashanth (A); Marshneil Prasad; 10:20 am: Shweta Mansingh; Seher Atwal; Siddhi Kapoor.