Athletics National Junior Meet

Sunil Dawar breaks 24 years old record, scores a double

17-year-old Delhi girl Harshita Sehrawat (hammer throw) was the standout performer among girls on the third day of the five-day meet. She rewrote her own National U18 record with a 63.33m effort.

GUWAHATI: Madhya Pradesh’s Sunil Dawar broke a 24-year-old National Record when he won the Under-20 men’s 5000m gold in the National Junior Athletics Championships in 14 minutes 13.95 seconds at the Sarusajai Stadium here on Monday. In completing the 1500m-5000m double, he erased N Gojen Singh’s mark of 14:14.48 achieved in the World Junior Championships in Sydney on August 23, 1996.

Pushed hard by Haryana’s Puneet Yadav, Sunil Dawar asserted his presence as India’s best junior middle- and long-distance runner with an effort that not only broke Gojen Singh’s National U20 mark but sank Rahul Kumar Pal’s meet record of 14:18.28 set in Lucknow in 2012. It was the second 1500-5000 double that Sunil Dawar secured in the span of a fortnight after his success on home soil in the Federation Cup Junior U20 Athletics Championships in Bhopal last month.

Delhi’s 17-year-old Harshita Sehrawat (Hammer Throw) was the standout performer among girls on the third day of the five-day meet. She rewrote her own National U18 record with a 63.33m effort today. She had thrown 63.62m and 63.95m in the North Zone Junior Athletics Championships in Sangrur in September 2019 but the ratified National Record stood at 61.93m she marked in winning the Asian Youth Championship silver medal in Hong Kong in March 2019.

Haryana’s Race Walker Amit Khatri, known to keep erasing National records, would have been credited with another one today but since he had pegged the 10000m Race Walk mark at 40:40.97 in the Federation Cup Junior Championships in Bhopal on January 27, he had to settle for the meet mark with a victory in 42 minute 15.91 seconds.

The other athletes who caught the eye were Kerala’s Aparna Roy and Andhra Pradesh’s Yashwant Kumar Laveti. Aparna Roy improved upon her own meet record with a time of 13.83 seconds while Yashwant Kumar Laveti won the under-20 men’s 110m Hurdles in 13.92 seconds to equal the National and Meet Records set by J Surendhar in Bengaluru in 2010. 

The results (finals):

Under-20, Men: 5000m: 1. Sunil Dawar (Madhya Pradesh) 14:13.95 (New National and Meet Records. Old National Record: 14:14.48, Gojen Singh, Sydney, 1996. Old Meet record: 14:18.28, Rahul Kumar Pal, Lucknow, 2012); 2. Puneet Yadav (Haryana) 14:16.75; 3. M Sathish Kumar (Tamil Nadu) 14:37.54. 110m Hurdles: 1. Yashwant Kumar Laveti (Andhra Pradesh) 13.92 seconds (Equalled National and Meet records. Existing: 13.92, J Surendhar, Bengaluru, 2010); 2. Vikas Ananda Khodke (Maharashtra) 13.97; 3. Usaid Khan (Uttar Pradesh) 14.16. High Jump: 1. Piyush Singh Panwar (Haryana) 2.08m; 2. J Arvindd (Tamil Nadu) 2.03; 3. Abhar Atul Datta (Maharashtra) 2.03. Hammer Throw: 1. Jai Chand (Rajasthan) 65.65; 2. Himanshu (Haryana) 59.34; 3. Mayank Yadav (Delhi) 55.47.

Women, 3000m: 1. Chatru Ghumnaram (Rajasthan) 9:54.90; 2. Rebi Pal (Uttar Pradesh) 10:02.58; 3. Ruby Kashyap (Uttar Pradesh) 10:06.48. 100m Hurdles: 1. Aparna Roy (Kerala) 13.83 seconds (New Meet record. Old: 14.00, Aparna Roy, Guntur, 2019); 2. PM Thabitha (Tamil Nadu) 14.13; 3. Gurdeep Kaur (Punjab) 14.46.

Under-18, boys: 110m Hurdles: 1. V Muhammed Hanan (Kerala) 13.94 seconds; 2. Mohit (Haryana) 14.11; 3. A Graceson Jeeva (Tamil Nadu) 14.12. 10,000m Race Walk: 1. Amit Khatri (Haryana) 42.15.91 (New Meet Record. Old: 42:41.68, Parveen Kumar, Ranchi, 2018); 2. Bajarangi Prajapati (Madhya Pradesh) 43:36.53; 3. Aditya Negi (Uttarakhand) 43:36.93. Pole Vault: 1. Ankit  Kumar Yadav (Uttar Pradesh) 4.50m; 2. R. Sakthi Mahendran (Tamil Nadu) 4.40; 3. Neeraj Kumar (Uttar Pradesh) 4.30. Triple Jump: 1. S Mithilesh Kumar (Tamil Nadu) 15.03m; 2. Jwngsar Basumatary (Assam) 15.00; 3. VS Sebastian (Kerala) 14.72. Hammer Throw: 1. Mohammad Shahban (Uttar Pradesh) 67.20m; 2. Mohammad Nadeem (Uttar Pradesh) 65.91; 3. Nirbhay Choudhary (Delhi) 64.04.

Girls, 100m Hurdles: 1. Nandini Agasara (Telangana) 13.83 seconds; 2. Pooja (Haryana) 15.45; 3. S Akschida (Tamil Nadu) 15.54. Triple Jump: 1. Monika (Haryana) 11.77m; 2. A Abinaya Sri (Tamil Nadu) 11.76; 3. Nimisha Dayma (Madhya Pradesh) 11.62.

Hammer Throw: 1. Harshita Sehrawat (Delhi) 63.33m (New National and Meet Records. Old National record: 61.93m, Harshita Sehrawat, Hing Kong, 2019; Old Meet Record:  59.35m, Harshita Sehrawat, Guntur, 2019); 2. Manjita (Rajasthan) 53.37; 3. Tanya Chaudhary (Uttar Pradesh) 52.39.

Under-16, Boys: 80m Hurdles: 1. Hariharan Kathiravan (Tamil Nadu) 10.80 seconds; 2. Sandip Vinod Gond (Maharashtra) 10.81; 3. Rajendra Sidhu (Odisha) 10.84. 5000m Race Walk: 1. Ashish Santosh Yadav (Haryana) 22:19.79; 2. Himanshu Kumar (Uttarakhand) 22:23.69; 3. Babendra Singh (Uttarakhand) 23:00.14.

Girls, 80m Hurdles: 1. Unnathi Aiyyappa Bolland (Karnataka) 11.50 seconds; 2. Sabita Toppo (Odisha) 11.77; 3. Saniya Mahendra Sawanth (Maharashtra) 11.90.

Under-14, Boys: Shot Put: 1. Hemant Singh Rawat (Madhya Pradesh_ 18.84 (New National and Meet Records. Old: 17.88m, Dhanveer Singh, Coimbatore, 2016); 2. Yash Chhikara (Delhi) 17.52; 3. Ommkar Prasad (Odisha) 16.33.

Girls, Shot Put: 1. Anshu (Haryana) 14.25m (New National and Meet Records. Old National Record: 13.07m, Bharti, Tirupati, 2018; Old meet record: 12.86m, Vidhi, Ranchi, 2018); 2. Amanat Kamboj (Punjab) 13.82; 3. Pearl Praveen D’Souza (Maharashtra) 12.78. Ball Throw: 1. Anisha Kaumri (Jharkhand) 52.11m; 2. Navreet Kaur (Punjab) 52.10; 3. Prachi Priyadrasini (Odisha) 50.21.

Sunday results: Under-20: Women Discus throw: 1. Grima (Haryana) 46.67m; 2. Pooja (Haryana) 44.54; 3. Neetika Verma (Uttar Pradesh) 43.90.

Under-18 Boys Long Jump: 1. Abinand Surendran (Kerala) 7.11m; 2. S Sanmath Darshan (Tamil Nadu) 7.01; 3. Avinash Ramachandra Ram (Madhya Pradesh) 6.89.

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